I have created printable mask components for you to make your own Crow-Girl mask.

Based on the images below, choose a size that will approximately fit your face or the face of the person the mask is for.  The images link to three different zip files, each of which containing three images. 


When you’ve downloaded the file of your choice, print the images onto thin, white card and you should have something like the image below.

Printed images

Cut them out carefully and be sure not to cut off the white tabs, which will be used for gluing.  Make folds along all edges that border the white tabs and you should have pieces that look like the image below.  Note that two of the tabs on the beak fold in the opposite direction to all the rest.

Cut out and folded

When gluing my version together, I used PVA glue, which is ideal, but any glue you find works for you is good.  If you use PVA glue, it’s best to spread it thinly so it doesn’t buckle the card with its moisture content.

The first thing to glue is the bridge of the beak together, which can be a little tricky, but this gives it a proper beak-like look.

Beak takes shape

Once the glue has set on the bridge of the beak, glue the beak to the face part of the mask as shown below.  Of course, you could use the mask like this but the surrounding panels give it much better form.

Beak glued to face

For the side panels, it’s best to glue all the segments into shape with the connecting tabs and wait for the glue to dry before attaching them to the rest of the mask.  Once everything is in place, the mask will look like the image below.

Mask completely glued

Finally, you need something to hold the mask in place.  I used the strap of an old lanyard, but anything suitable can be used.  

Before I punched the hole, I glued a small piece of scrap card to the inside to help reinforce the area around the hole, which was punched when the glue was dry with an office paper hole punch.  

The end of the tie was knotted on the inside.

Finished mask

I hope your mask turns out well.  Please send me pictures of yourself wearing the mask and you will then become an honorary Crow-Girl.

Here are some pictures of mask wearers: